Keeping our clients in control

From our knowledgeable personnel keeping your field operators apprised of all activities to our proprietary Current-Source Online Information Management database, our clients can enjoy secure, up to the second knowledge of their cathodic protection services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Current-Source Online Information Management database enables our clients to monitor the status of any project they have put in our hands, provide critical information, allow them to view photos that reflect the status of their facilities and any issues that may have been identified by our personnel.

But having the Current-Source system available to you is only the start. A fully transparent look into the progress and product of the work you've asked to be done is only of value for you when you are dealing with an organization that is driven to execute above quality and on schedule. By putting our operations in front of you, on demand, we put you in control of your cathodic protection.

Current-Source also acts as a data repository where you can find current and past issues of your annual survey, submit questions or comments about any facility, and request or authorize further services to be performed.

Why manage your day based on someone else's availability? Get your updates when you want them. Ask your questions when you want to. Download your reports and view pictures of your facilities on your time table. We know you have a lot to do – with Current-Source you control your business on your schedule.

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